Hello, I’m Luan. I’m a designer with 12 years of relevant experience who pursues a multidisciplinary career focusing on communication with people. During this period I acquired a broad view of processes that involve creativity and products such as cultural production, planning, programming, creation, art, art direction, marketing and team coordination. Today, I work as UX / UI Freelancer Designer.

Working with different markets and segments, from retail to management of hospitals and universities, I always try to keep studying and interested in what is the most important thing for me in my work: investigating and solving problems. Besides a great visual design execution and caring about getting things right - eye for detail & passion for quality - my work is meant to be used by the public. I am always open to projects and ideas that solve real problems, create and recreate meanings and have a positive impact on people's lives. Let's re-create!

qualification & professional development
UX design masterclass
by uxdesignmasterclass.com
Academic: Social Communication
Federal University of Bahia
Academic: Humanities - Cinema and Audiovisual
Federal University of Bahia
some brands I've helped
I have been lucky to work on great projects for people, through big corporates to small businesses
main tools
There are many similar tools on the market that can deliver the same results for a project. It is a matter of purpose and personal choice. But these are the tools that I use daily to organize and materialize my ideas.
Adobe XD 
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Analytics

Design Thinking
Design Sprints
User Research and Testing
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